Who is eligible to apply for the Local 150 Food Bank Scholarship?

Any dependent of a Local 150 member in good standing that is either a senior in high school or attending a college is eligible to apply for the scholarship. Please note that grandchildren of a Local 150 member are not eligible to apply unless the grandparent is the dependent’s primary guardian.

How are the winners of the Local 150 Food Bank Scholarship determined?

The Local 150 Food Bank Scholarship is not a needs based scholarship. Applications are ranked based on academics, standardized test scores, extracurricular activities, and personal references to determine the winners of the scholarship. Applicants who do not submit all of the required materials are considered ineligible for the scholarship. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all required documents are submitted to the Scholarship Committee. 

When does the Food Bank Scholarship Committee start accepting applications?

The Food Bank Scholarship Committee begins accepting applications in October.

When is the Food Bank Scholarship due and can I apply after the deadline?

The Local 150 Food Bank Scholarship is due no later than the 3rd Monday in February preceding the start of the school year. Applications must be submitted by that time unless you have contacted the Scholarship Committee with a specific date that the application will be submitted.

How many scholarships are given out by the Food Bank Scholarship Committee?

A maximum of sixteen scholarships will be awarded annually. 4-$5,000 2-year mechanic tech scholarships renewable for 1 year;  4-$2,500 2-year degree scholarships renewable for 1 year; 8-$3,000 4-year degree scholarships renewable for 3 years. If you are a recipient of the Food Bank Scholarship, you must renew your scholarship annually with evidence that you maintained a 3.00 grade point average on a 4.00 scale and continue to be enrolled as a full-time student in a two-year mechanic tech program, two-year associates or four-year undergraduate program in an accredited College of School. Please provide a request for renewal in writing along with an official transcript evidencing your continued eligibility by July 1st of the year following your scholarship award. 

What are the requirements to compete the Local 150 Food Bank Scholarship?

To complete the Local 150 Food Bank Scholarship, each applicant must submit

  1. Completed 7-page application
  2. Two personal reference forms
  3. Official high school and/or college transcript

Where do I turn in application documents for the Food Bank Scholarship?

Application documents can be submitted online on the Food Bank Website or you can mail application materials to

IUOE, Local 150 Food Bank Trust, Inc.
c/o Scholarship Committee
6170 Joliet Road Suite 200
Countryside, IL 60525-3976

Who do I contact on questions regarding the Local 150 Food Bank Scholarship?

For questions regarding the Local 150 Food Bank email  info@foodbank150.org or call 815-254-3332 EXT 6. Also check out the FAQs for general questions regarding the Food Bank Scholarship.

When will I find out whether or not I won a scholarship?

The Scholarship Committee will begin mailing out letters to applicants in the beginning of May notifying applicants if they have received the Food Bank Scholarship.

What happens if the Scholarship Committee is unable to get in touch with a winner?

In the event that the Scholarship Committee is unable to get in touch with a winner, the scholarship will be passed on to the next applicant in line to win the scholarship after several attempts have been made to contact the winner. It is the responsibility of the applicant to have the correct contact information and address listed so that the Committee is able to contact the winner.

Is the scholarship available to students attending a technical or vocational school?

The Food Bank Scholarship can be used for applicants attending a two year community college or a four year university.

Are there any financial criteria for this scholarship?

No, financial criteria is not required for receipt of the scholarship. Although the Scholarship Committee does look at financial need, the scholarship is ultimately determined by qualifications. 

Do you know of any other scholarships that I can apply for?

Yes, check out our online college affordability resources for other scholarships and college affordability resources

How can someone make a donation to the Food Bank Scholarship?

We encourage anyone who wants to contribute to this scholarship program to make a donation. Please see our Donations page for more information.